Service Virtualization

We can help you investigate, evaluate, and implement a service virtualization solution for your organization.

Large blue quotation marks   Service virtualization eliminates the wait time for people;
people waiting for something to be ready to test, people waiting to have access to resources...
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-   Theresa Lanowitz
Founder & Industry Technology Analyst at voke,inc.

Your Challenge

With the shift towards multi-tiered, high complexity applications there is a need to manage costs. When critical services or components are unavailable, project milestones are missed. Overall application quality is threatened when environmental shortcomings lead to testing delays.

Service virtualization is the process of simulating incomplete or unavailable software components so that quality assurance teams can test early and completely. Service virtualization is perfect for companies with:

  • Complex, heterogeneous environments
  • Agile requirements and need to do integration testing earlier
  • High pressure on release dates due to competitive demands
  • High dependency on web applications – for revenue or customer/citizen services support
  • Middleware upgrade projects

Our Solution

Experts at RTTS can evaluate your application architecture and propose a strategy to implement service virtualization. We will look at each component and assess the benefits and effort required to virtualize it. We can even help manage the testing process, or implement the testing for your organization.  Our goal is to deliver an immediate ROI and enable your test cycles to run faster and more efficiently.

Product Expertise


Large blue quotation marks   Service virtualization benefits are visible, and the return on investment is quick.   Large blue quotation marks
-   Theresa Lanowitz
Founder & Industry Technology Analyst at voke,inc.

Proven Benefits

  • Virtualize a wide range of technologies and protocols including Java, SOAP, MQ, JDBC, HTTP, and more
  • Isolate components for testing by removing dependencies.
  • Eliminate nearly all third party costs from test environments.
  • Perform end-to-end testing even when components are unavailable.
  • Eliminate the need for sharing environments across teams.
  • Increase use case coverage and reproduce defects effortlessly across environments.
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