Testing services with a predictable pricing model for long-term testing.

Why You Need It

The testing of IT applications has become much more complex and time-sensitive. Now you must face the daunting task of verifying the functionality, scalability, reliability and security of a heterogeneous, multi-tiered architecture while cutting back on resources and costs. And your business needs and software releases are cyclical. You need resources with expert skills in software testing but cannot afford to have experts on staff full-time. Where do you turn?
Many firms turn to RTTS, The Software Quality Experts, and TestPack, the innovative solution for expert resources with a predictable, blended cost. 

What's involved?

RTTS provides you with resources for implementing your testing initiatives. We propose the following solution to your testing needs:

  • RTTS assesses your potential needs for testing tasks.
  • You prepay for bankable-hour packs, which have one blended rate for RTTS experts and can be utilized on an as-needed basis for test projects.
  • RTTS performs performance, load, automated functional, security, manual or other types of tests when you need them performed. 

How will it help my business?

  • A predictable pricing model for long-term testing needs.
  • The ability to expand and contract your staff as your needs change, without changing budgeted costs.
  • Expert, fully trained engineers with expertise in methodology and automation tools, scripting and analysis.
  • Implementation of a successful test framework that has helped over 200 corporations.
  • Better quality software. 

RTTS' TestPack provides you with a predictable amount of workload, delivers a premium quality service and partners with you to meet your business and financial needs for testing.

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