Automated Business Intelligence Report Testing

Automated solution for solving the complex issue of manually testing Business Intelligence Reports.

Companies use Business Intelligence (BI) to improve decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities. BI is more than just corporate reporting and more than a set of tools to pull data out of enterprise systems. CIOs are using BI to make strategic decisions in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage in a tough business landscape. But if their underlying data is bad data, it will cause them to make decisions that will cost their firms millions of dollars.

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-   Predictive Analytics Times
Six BI Predictions for 2015

The Challenge of Testing BI Systems

Testing BI systems is challenging. The typical approach is to verify calculations on the reports themselves to the data in the data mart/data warehouse. Many BI reports make use of Flash and other technologies that create problems for traditional test automation. Thus the testing process becomes a manual one, which increases the workload for testers and making it prone to mistakes. And most BI tools manipulate the source data, which makes it even harder to manually test. Manual testing also is a slow and cumbersome approach, so each team either needs lots of testers to complete BI testing, or to only test a percentage of the data. Either choice is costly.

Large blue quotation marks    The average organization loses $14.4 million dollars annually through poor data quality.    Large blue quotation marks

-   Analyst Firm Gartner

RTTS’ Automated Solution

RTTS, the leader in test automation, has pioneered a way to automate the testing of these complex systems. With a proprietary approach to solving this problem, RTTS provides an automated, repeatable solution to testing the data embedded in these BI tools. This solution, coupled with QuerySurge, our leading Data Testing solution, provides a fully automated end-to-end solution of testing from data sources through the data warehouse to the BI reporting – all automated.

Most firms test far less than 10% of their data by sampling the data. Therefore, at least 90% of data remains untested. Since bad data exists in all databases, why wouldn’t firms want to test 100% of their data and guarantee that this critical information is accurate? It is time for organizations to take a hard look at the data that their management team is relying on to make strategic decisions. RTTS can test data from the source systems through the ETL process to the staging areas to the data warehouse to the data marts to the front end Business Intelligence software. And we can automate all of it to make your testing process faster and more efficient.

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