Data Warehouse / ETL Testing

RTTS provides an automated approach to testing your data warehouses

Data Warehouse / ETL Testing

Data Warehouse / ETL Testing

Testing a data warehouse is challenging and complex. Some of the main challenges to test for when building a data warehouse are:

  • Data Completeness​
  • Data Transformation​
  • Data Quality​
  • Regression Testing​

The only way to perform these tests in a reasonable time frame, which will compare huge volumes of data, is through automating the tests.

3 Most Common Methods used for
Data Warehouse/ETL Testing

  1. Sampling, also known as stare and compare. It is an attempt to verify data by extracting it from source and target stores and dumping the data into 2 Excel spreadsheets and then viewing or eyeballing the 2 sets of data for anomalies. Less than 1% of data is usually verified and reporting is manual.
  2. MINUS Queries use the MINUS operator in SQL to subtract one result set from another result set to evaluate the difference. If there is no difference, there is no remaining result set. If there is a difference, the resulting rows will be displayed. It is inefficient and produces no audit trail or reporting.
  3. Homegrown tools, utilities or frameworks to perform ETL Testing. While this may be tailored to and work for a company’s specific needs, they are very expensive to build and maintain (think lots of consulting dollars).

Expert Data Testers + Free Usage Of QuerySurge = Success

RTTS’ Services Group can provide you with comprehensive planning and implementation solutions for testing your Data architecture. 

RTTS’ Skilled Data Testers

  • highly skilled in Data Testing, SQL & HQL programming, and QuerySurge usage
  • have Computer Science degrees and are full-time W‑2 employees of RTTS (no contractors)
  • have gone through a rigorous and intensive 300-hour training program
  • have years of experience implementing QA processes and testing tools on complex architectures in many verticals

RTTS’ QuerySurge, the smart AI-driven data testing solution, was built specifically to automate the testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Migrations, and BI Reports. QuerySurge will ensure that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target datastore by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly. And it’s free with our Data Testing Solution.

Here is what QuerySurge can do:

  • Automate the entire testing cycle:
    • Automate the kickoff, tests, comparison, auto-emailed results
  • Test across different platforms: 
    • Data warehouses, Hadoop, NoSQL data stores, mainframe, flat files, XML, JSON, BI reports 
  • Leverage AI-powered technology: 
    • automatically create data validation tests, including transformational tests, based on data mappings
  • Verify more data & do it quickly:
    • up to 100% of all data up to 1,000 x faster
  • Integrate for Continuous Integration & Delivery (DataOps):
    • integration with most Build, ETL, QA management, and issue tracking software
  • Provide Data Analytics & Insight: 
    • Data Analytics dashboard, Data Intelligence reports, shared tests & auto-emailed reports

Please fill out the form below if you require more information or wish to speak with us about our Data Testing Solutions. To learn more about QuerySurge, visit the QuerySurge web site