Consumer Goods​

RTTS provides software QA and quality engineering solutions to the Consumer Goods Industry that speeds up application delivery processes and improves the customer experience​

Consumer goods

The Reinvention of the Consumer Goods Industry​

The Consumer Goods industry saw massive shortages in the supply chain and unpredictable demand forecasting, brought on by COVID-19. A greater focus is now placed on more efficiently manufactured products, more availability, reliability and quality of customer data, and an improved customer experience.

According to the World Quality Report:​

Higher productivity and an improved customer experience are the quality outcomes (Consumer Goods) organizations are focusing on.

The pandemic redefined everything from what a physical store meant to reinventing the retail experience for customers. The first step of delivering an end-to-end customer experience has transformed, with sales and branding leveraging the tech tools at their disposal.

The shopping cart can’t stop rolling…

Some of the latest trends and issues in the Consumer Goods industry include:

  • Data Quality​
  • Adoption of AI
  • Deployment of Agile processes and DevOps to increase delivery speed
  • Automation of everything, including QA and testing 

About RTTS

RTTS, founded in 1996 and based in New York, is the premier pure-play QA and testing organization that specializes in quality engineering.

Testing Services

We excel in multiple paths of testing across various journeys in the Consumer Goods industry, including:

  • Test planning/strategy​
  • Automated data validation and ETL testing
  • User Experience (UX) testing 
  • DevOps/DataOps implementations into you CI/CD pipelines
  • Mobile, web, and chatbot testing
  • Performance Engineering / Performance and Load testing
  • API testing​
  • Use of AI-infused testing solutions


  • We’re an innovative QA/testing organization that specializes in quality engineering practices since 1996. It’s all we do.
  • Our QA Managers are experts in the fields of QA & test automation, strategic planning and project management.
  • Our Test Engineers all have programming expertise and test automation skills. 
  • All resources are full-time, W‑2 employees of RTTS with computer science degrees and dedicated to their craft.
  • We’re experts at test automation and utilize cutting edge solutions, including generative AI, to clarify requirements, speed up test case creation, improve automation and accelerate timelines.