Data Validation Assessment

Evaluation of your approach to validating your critical data, along with expert recommendations for improvement & an implementation plan

Your Challenge

Your organization’s data architecture is expanding and changing. As more data feeds are being added to your systems, your data volume is growing at a geometric pace and now includes new and additional components such as:

  • Data warehouses
  • Hadoop data lakes
  • NoSQL data stores
  • Data streaming services
  • Data marts
  • Enterprise applications
  • BI and analytics reports
  • Flat file feeds
  • Mainframe feeds
  • JSON files
  • Web services
Testing Architecture Critical Data
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Or maybe your company has decided to move you data from one vendor to another or from on premises to the cloud.

  • On average, poor data quality costs organizations $14.2 million annually.”

    - Gartner
  • Dirty data costs the average business 15% to 25% of revenue.”

    - MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Cleaning up data will lead to average cost savings of 33%, while boosting revenue by an average of 31%.”

    - PWC survey

The task of validating & testing all the data being collected is overwhelming. You are struggling with questions such as:

  • How much data needs to be validated/tested?
  • How do I ensure I am testing the proper data permutations?
  • What are the critical data endpoints that need to be tested?
  • How do I verify that the data from my various source systems is propagating through the architecture?
  • How do I validate data in the cloud environments?
  • Is bad data making it into the architecture?
  • How much of the data testing can be automated?

In addition, upper management requiring you to integrate as many of the testing tasks as possible into your CI/CD DataOps pipeline.

Our Solution

RTTS’ Data Validation Assessment service provides an expert evaluation of your current data validation process. We also provide recommendations on how to improve your process and a proposal for successful implementation.

Turn-around time

5- 7 business days

Who will benefit
Any company with a need to create a data validation/testing strategy or improve their existing data validation & testing practices as they relate to industry standards.

Process page body
  • Components Of The Assessment

    • Business analysis
    • Data architecture analysis
    • ETL testing process evaluation
    • DataOps evaluation
    • Resource evaluation (optional)
    • Metrics evaluation
    • Risk assessment
  • Deliverables

    • Detailed analysis report with recommendations
    • Presentation to your team on findings
    • Proposal for successful implementation

RTTS can help you improve your processes and help you work towards a successful data testing strategy.