RTTS Sharing Plan


We did it first & we did it bigger!!!

RTTS Share Points were established in 2007 and we offer employees 15%

Best of Both Worlds

Many IT professionals dream of working for a start-up with the opportunity to “hit the lottery” through an acquisition or IPO. But they usually opt for the safer route – working for an established firm that has proven its longevity.

At RTTS, it’s the best of both worlds:

  • A company that recently celebrated its 20th year in business (since 1996) and
  • an incubated startup in QuerySurge

Your own “Piece of the Pie”

Should RTTS get acquired (we have had quite a few offers and it has been increasing rapidly), 15% of the sale price of the company will flow to RTTS employees.


  • 2 years of tenure at RTTS
  • Re-evaluation on Jan 1 & July 1 of each year

The Valuation of RTTS as a firm

A firm’s value totally depends on:

  • revenue and/or EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes & amortization)
  • ongoing revenue stream and
  • the amount of intellectual property you have

But it really boils down to how much someone wants you.

Services firms typically trade for between 1x to 2x revenue. Small firms usually trade at a higher multiplier than larger firms.

Software firms, on the other hand, trade at 5x revenue and up, with no upper ceiling.

RTTS is a combination of both – software & services.

The Future

  • We speak with Mergers &Acquisitions firms frequently
  • Pure-play QA & testing companies are very hot and
  • Software companies in the Big Data space are very hot

Why not join us and prosper?

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