Data Migration Testing

RTTS provides an automated Data Migration testing solution to fit your needs

Data Migration Testing

Data Migration Testing

Data Migrations have become one of the most challenging initiatives for IT managers.

Whether you are going through a modernization and migration effort from legacy systems to a new system, from one vendor’s software to another’s, or from on-premises to the cloud, data migration has become one of the most challenging initiatives for IT managers. Although these projects yield high business benefits, they tend to involve a high level of risk due to the volume and criticality of the data.

Data Migration: Key Risks

  • Unexpected downtime​
  • Budget overruns​
  • Customer or Brand Impact
  • Data corruption​
  • Application performance issues
  • Data loss​

Data Migration: Some Unsettling Metrics

  • the average cost for a Data Migration = $875,000​
  • 34% of migrations have missing or lost data
  • 38% have some form of data corruption
  • 64% of migration projects have unexpected outage/downtime​

To reduce risk and ensure that the data has been migrated and transformed, RTTS provides a thorough validation and testing strategy to test your data quickly.

The Solution:

Expert Data Testers + Free Usage Of QuerySurge = Success

RTTS’ Services Group can provide you with comprehensive planning and implementation solutions for testing your Data architecture. 

RTTS’ Skilled Data Testers

  • Highly skilled in Hadoop and NoSQL architecture, SQL & HQL programming, and QuerySurge usage
  • All have computer science degrees and are full-time W‑2 employees of RTTS (no contractors)
  • Have expertise implementing testing tools on complex architectures in many verticals

RTTS’ QuerySurge, the smart AI-driven data testing solution, was built specifically to automate the testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Migrations, and BI Reports. QuerySurge will ensure that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target datastore by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly. And it’s free with our Data Testing Solution.

Automating the Migration Testing Process:​A 2‑step process

Step #1: The Wizards — Fast & Easy. No Coding Needed. 

The Query Wizards can help your team validate data with no coding required – and it’s all performed graphically through the QuerySurge interface. The Wizards speed up the validation process dramatically and simplify the workload by validating hundreds of tables and columns in minutes.

Step #2: Testing the Transformations (ETL).

For data with transformations, QuerySurge​’s new AI-powered technology is a generative artificial intelligence module that automatically creates data validation tests, including transformational tests, based on data mappings. With QuerySurge AI, test creation happens in minutes, converting data mappings into tests (Query Pairs) written in the data store’s native SQL with little to no human intervention from this low-code or no-code solution.

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To learn more about QuerySurge, visit the QuerySurge web site