QA Process Assessment

Evaluation of your QA process, along with expert recommendations for improvement & an implementation plan

Qa process assessment

We learned more in 3 weeks [about our process] than we did in the previous year!

- QA Manager, CIT Group

Your Challenge

Your software application is behind schedule, unstable, cannot scale, or has too many bugs in it when it gets released. Or you want to transform your software delivery process by dramatically increasing the speed and quality of your development & delivery process.

  • Things don’t seem to be getting better
  • The team is pointing fingers
  • The solution seems unclear
  • The user community is getting upset, or worse, you are losing customers and can only guess why

Is it the software development process? Are you testing enough? Are builds being handled correctly? Who is managing the process?

Our Solution

RTTS’ QA Assessment service provides an expert evaluation of your current application lifecycle practices as they relate to QA & Testing and a recommendation on how to improve your process and provide continuous delivery.

Turn-around time

3- 4 weeks (on-site interviews, off-site follow-ups, key artifact gathering, off-site analysis, and report generation)

Who will benefit

Any company with a need to improve their software engineering practices as they relate to quality assurance, or improve the Application Lifecycle Management process and strategy for a particular project.

Components of the Analysis

  • Business analysis
  • Software architecture analysis
  • Development Lifecycle evaluation
  • Test process evaluation
  • Resource evaluation (optional)
  • Metrics evaluation
  • Risk assessment
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  • Detailed analysis report with recommendations
  • Presentation to your team on findings
  • Proposal for successful implementation

RTTS can help you improve your processes and help you work towards a successful continuous delivery strategy.