Application & Interviewing Process

Like everything we do at RTTS, we follow a formal process that is a proven method of successfully recruiting "the best".

We initially review and screen all applicant resumes to determine if the initial qualifications are met. Candidates then go through a telephone interview that provides us with a good sense of your technical, educational, and business background. 

Those applicants that meet RTTS' criteria will be scheduled for an in-person interview. During this interview, candidates are administered written exams that demonstrate their ability to perform well. (The exams combine logic questions with coding skills for Test Engineer candidates, and logic questions with general IT knowledge for Quality Assurance Analysts.) Candidates then meet with one or more of the management team for a 45-minute interview session. 

Those candidates that are successful will be contacted for a final interview. This interview will be similar to the first interview, i.e. a written exam and personal interview. This session will be conducted by the senior management team.

Candidates who are further considered for employment will undergo reference checks and a background investigation before an official offer is made. 

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