Application Security Testing

We can help prevent attacks by testing your web application for security vulnerabilities.

Application Security Testing

Why You Need It

The widespread use of cloud applications and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has increased the need for a solid application security strategy. The tremendous opportunities for business communication and commerce are counter-balanced by the possibility for exposed security holes in vital applications and systems. A company must take preventative measures to avoid losing the trust of customers and stakeholders if their data privacy is breached.

What’s Involved?

Phase One: Analyze and Assess

Employing best-of-breed tools, our security Engineers analyze your application and architecture to find the security holes that can leave your application open to attack.

Phase Two:Remediation Strategies

Once we have pinpointed these potential exploitation points, we provide recommendations for the most effective way to maintain a safe application environment and correct security flaws in current and future development.

How Will It Help My Business?

We offer a range of solutions allowing you to modernize your applications with confidence and gain the trust of your customers, employees, and stakeholders. We provide complete outsourcing of your projects, training, and mentoring for your team, or all-inclusive, short-term, fixed-price solutions.

We will implement automated security audits on your web application infrastructure on an application-by-application basis. Along with a detailed description of application vulnerabilities, we also provide remediation strategies to harden and protect your application. Using the leading application security tools, our Engineers can provide security consulting to protect your applications; including regular audits, technical architecture design services, and other integration/implementation services.

Expert Testers + Free Testing Tool = Success!

RTTS’ Services Group can provide you with comprehensive planning and implementation solutions for testing your applications and architecture. And RTTS provides functional automation solutions for FREE!!!

RTTS’ Skilled Resources

  • RTTS QA Managers, who are experts in implementing test processes around test automation, will handle all tasks and issues regarding testing architecture, artifacts, interfacing with your technical team, managing our engineers and delivering success.
  • RTTS Test Engineers, who are skilled in test automation, use either automated test tools of your choice or solutions that we provide with the same benefits of vendor-owned test tools at no cost to you.
  • All RTTS resources – managers and engineers – are full-time W2 employees of RTTS and all have computer related degrees: computer science, computer engineering, or computer information systems. And all work in the continental US.