QuerySurge:​ RTTS’ Enterprise Solution

The smart, AI-powered ETL testing solution that increases your data validation coverage, continuously detects data issues in your delivery pipeline, and utilizes analytics to detect trends and anomalies​

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QuerySurge is RTTS’ enterprise-level smart data testing solution that leverages artificial intelligence to automate the ETL testing of data warehouses, big data lakes, business intelligence reports and enterprise apps. QuerySurge is the leader in DevOps for Data for continuous testing of your CI/CD pipeline and providing a holistic view of your data’s health.

And QuerySurge is FREE while we perform consulting services — saving you thousands of dollars!

Built specifically to automate the testing of data, QuerySurge ensures that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target systems by analyzing and pinpointing up to 100% of all data up to 1,000 x faster than traditional testing.

QuerySurge supports 200+ data stores and tests the following:

  • Data warehouses
  • Traditional databases
  • Business Intelligence reports
  • Data migrations
  • Enterprise applications (financial, banking, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, pharma, consumer goods, insurance, higher ed, media, telecom, government, other)
  • ERPs (SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)
  • CRMs (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics)
  • Files (JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, other flat files) 
  • Hadoop
  • NoSQL document stores

Key Features

Projects: Multi-project support in a single instance, new Global Admin user, assign users and agents, import and export projects, user activity log reports

Artificial Intelligence: Leverage AI-powered technology to automatically create data validation tests, including transformational tests, based on data mappings

Smart Query Wizards: Create tests visually, without writing SQL, perform column/table/row level comparisons, auto-matching of columns

Create Custom Tests: Modularize functions with snippets, set thresholds, stage data, check data types & duplicate rows, full text search, asset tagging

Scheduling: Run test immediately, at a predetermined date & time or after any event from a build/release, CI/CD, DevOps or test management solution

DevOps for Data: API Integration (both RESTful & CLI) with build/release, continuous integration/ETL , operations/DevOps monitoring, test management/issue tracking and more. Swagger documentation.

Run Dashboard: View test execution progress live via graphical displays, drill-down into data to examine results, see real-time statistics for executed tests, alert your team about the status of execution via custom email notifications

Data Analytics & Data Intelligence: Data Analytics dashboard, Data Intelligence reports, auto-emailed results, Ready-for-Analytics back-end data access

BI Testing: Testing data embedded in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos or Oracle OBIEE

Available On-Premises and In-the-Cloud : Install on a bare metal server, virtual machine, any private cloud or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a pay-as-you-go service

Security: AES 256-bit encryption, support for LDAP/LDAPS, TLS, Kerberos support, HTTPS/SSL, auto-timeout, security hardening and more

QuerySurge will help you:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to quickly & easily increase test coverage
  • Continuously detect data issues in the delivery pipeline
  • Utilize analytics to optimize your critical data
  • Improve your data quality at speed
  • Provide a huge ROI

To learn more about QuerySurge and to check out our free trials, visit the QuerySurge web site