White Papers

Our whitepapers, written by RTTS executives and experienced engineers, cover topics and issues related to automated software testing, network analysis, and process/project management.

Massaging Test Data in Excel Using Macros and VBA Utilizing IBM Rational Performance Tester

The quantity of data produced from an application-based performance test can be monumental when faced with the task of analyzing it. This whitepaper will explain how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and the macro functionality in Microsoft Excel to manipulate export data in order to save time in preparing performance data charts. Get it here >

Thinking Inside the Box: Greybox Testing of IT Architecture and Applications

This whitepaper describes the Greybox architecture testing strategy, which analyzes computing environments from a broad-based quality perspective. It is a mixed approach to software testing and includes key elements of “whitebox” and of “blackbox” testing. Get it here >

Engineering Software Quality in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

One of the hottest trends in business information is the move toward Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the new paradigm for enterprise computing. What does SOA really mean? And, more important, how can the enterprise “engineer-in" SOA quality? Get it here >

Ensuring Pharmaceutical Safety Data Integrity in a Data Warehouse

To successfully deploy a data warehouse, an organization must be confident that the reports generated display the proper data. In the Pharmaceutical industry, where the correctness of Safety Data is paramount for reasons of both public health and compliance with Federal regulation, the issue of data quality takes on even greater proportions. The focus of this whitepaper is to explain how to ensure that the data in the data warehouse is properly loaded from the source system(s). Get it here >

Implementing Automated Testing Solutions on Complex Brokerage Trading Platforms

This real-life case study illustrating the strategy RTTS used to overcome unique challenges in testing for the brokerage industry by leveraging the latest technology into complex order management systems, all while maintaining data integrity, security and timeliness to market. Get it here >

Using IBM Rational Performance Testing Tools for Non-intrusive Application Performance Monitoring Of Apache Web Servers

Published in The Rational Edge, this technical paper gives you step-by-step instruction to use IBM Rational's performance testing tools to conduct agentless monitoring on Apache Web Servers.
Get it here >

Maximizing ROI and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Test Automation

In this paper we take a look at the ROI derived from automated testing, targeting both functional and scalability, and determine guidelines for maximizing the ROI. Get it here >

IBM Rational Performance Tester and IBM WebSphere MQ: Performing MQ data correlation through sockets

This article explains how to implement performance testing solutions in heterogeneous environments that utilize IBM WebSphere MQ applications. Get it here >

Data Warehouse Testing: Pharma

This paper reveals the issues related to testing data warehouses, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, and RTTS' strategies to overcome the complexity of testing the architecture. Get it here >

Offshore Outsourcing: An Evaluation of Cost

What, if any, real savings reside in outsourcing of this work and how effective is it? Get it here >

"Testing the Microsoft .NET Platform" Presentation

View the PowerPoint slides and speaker notes from our seminar discussing the realties of testing the Microsoft .NET platform. Get it here >

Diagnose and Cure Application Performance and Availability Problems

How post-deployment application testing provides unique, and often unrealized, benefits that will positively affect your application's performance. Get it here >

Tools and Methods for Optimizing Network Performance

This paper discusses network analysis and performance tools that may be used to tune enterprise architectures for optimal performance. Get it here >

RTTS' Performance Test Bureau and Rental Model

RTTS has built a model for reducing cost of ownership of performance tests that provide a large price savings to the customer. Get it here >

End-to-End Architecture Testing

The uncertainty in how an architecture will respond to the demands placed on it creates the need for end-to-end architecture testing. Get it here >