API Testing

Target your business logic, reliability, and security of the interfaces used by your web and mobile applications

Api testing

API testing involves testing application programming interfaces as part of integration testing to determine if they meet requirements for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

API testing is critical because APIs now serve as the primary interface to application logic since GUI tests are difficult to maintain.

RTTS, the test automation experts, has been performing automated API testing for many years. RTTS can help you get ahead of issues and can verify the interfaces used by your applications.

Advantages of Web API Testing

Web Application Programming Interface (API) testing targets the business logic, reliability, and security of the interfaces used by your web, mobile, and other applications. In addition, it reduces the number of scenarios necessary in front-end validation. The tests will catch issues before appearing in the front-end or any consumer-created integrations.

API testing reduces costs and avoids delays in the project timeline where the dev team is stalled while integrators are waiting for fixes to the APIs.

Web API Functional Testing

Web API Functional Testing ensures that the responses from your API endpoints follow the correct business logic, return the correct data, and update the backend systems accordingly. Tests can be automated and added alongside the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for continuous testing.

Web API Load Testing

Load testing APIs is essential in understanding the performance capacity of your system and the number of users it can handle to ensure that, at the minimum, it can handle the anticipated load. In addition, API performance metrics are necessary information in the design process for the front-end or consumer-created integrations.

Web API Security Testing

Web API Security Testing confirms that your APIs are secure and are only accessible by authenticated consumers using the correct credentials and valid certificates. Furthermore, API security testing ensures the correct scheme is in place to ensure authenticated consumers view data, make updates, and perform actions on only items they were granted access to through claims authorization.

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