Professional Growth

Because we know that our long-term success will depend upon yours, we make every effort to enhance your progress along a clearly-defined career path.

Professional Growth

RTTS encourages continuous personal and professional growth and has created a foundation for helping you succeed. Our merit-based approach to career advancement places the onus of growth upon each individual. Clearly defined milestones lead you through important roles and functions in the company.

Because we know that our long-term success will depend upon yours, we make every effort to enhance your progress along a clearly-defined career path.

Following your initial training period as a Test Engineer, you have access to courseware and software that are part of your ongoing education program. RTTS has access to all of our Alliance Partners’ software offerings, including software from:

Also, RTTS has clear growth areas as employees progress through their career here.

  • Functional Test Engineers – This is where most new employees begin their career – in functional testing. Learn how to create test cases, automate them with the latest & greatest test automation solutions, analyze defects and anomalies, and report them to the team.
  • Data Test Engineers – Using SQL skills and RTTS’ industry-leading data validation & testing solution, QuerySurge, you will test Big Data (Hadoop and NoSQL data stores), data warehouses, data migrations, and business intelligence reports for data anomalies.
  • Performance Testing Engineers – A technically demanding position that requires planning, designing, and running performance tests to validate web applications’ ability to handle thousands of user transactions while monitoring the system load.
  • Software Developers – Work on the QuerySurge team, adding value to the premier Big Data Testing solution in the marketplace.
  • Senior Engineers — Employees are encouraged to qualify for our Senior Engineer status once milestones are hit and validations are passed.
  • Team Leads — Senior Engineers that demonstrate strong initiative & leadership ability are trained to manage a team of RTTS employees on the client site. Team Leads receive project-based bonuses.
  • Class Instructors — Deliver training classes to our Fortune 500 clients. A bonus is provided to all instructors.

The growth potential at RTTS is excellent due to our continual expansion. Our philosophy of promoting from within” affords you the opportunities to advance your career with us.

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