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Performance testing

Your App Is In Good Hands With RTTS

Since 1996 RTTS has run thousands of tests for over 600 companies (see our clients here) by our foremost performance testing experts. We have strategic partnerships with IBM, Micro Focus, and Microsoft and we implement & provide support for each partner’s enterprise performance/load tool(s), along with open source solutions. We can also provide both Microsoft Load and Apache JMeter as free tools for companies who have not purchased their own testing software. And free hardware through Microsoft Azure Cloud.

What's Involved?

Our experts will collaborate with you (for FREE) to determine your needs and requirements. Once we understand the scope of the application and its environment, we help you plan your tests and we will conduct testing of your applications’ scalability and responsiveness, based on a predetermined number of transactions, users, and views.

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Results You Can Expect

  • Analysis of all user scenarios and transactions run with performance times for each transaction
  • Conclusions comparing actual results to desired performance requirements or SLAs
  • Performance monitoring for all components including application/web servers, database servers and networking devices
  • An extensive report on the findings that include: expert-level opinion, root cause analysis, courses of action for tuning/optimizing the application and architecture
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We Support Your Performance Tool Or Bring Our Own – Free!!!

  • Apache JMeter (free for <20,000 users)

In-the-Cloud Delivery

Our Performance Testing services are delivered:

  • In the Cloud: 
    • FREE Performance Testing software (Apache JMeter for <20k virtual users) 
    • FREE hardware & environment (Microsoft Azure)
    • RTTS’ expert Performance Test Engineers (not free)

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Performance Testing Summary Report

Both services include a full Performance Testing Summary Report that includes:

  • Executive Summary
    • Purpose Observations and Findings
    • Moving Forward
  • Background
    • Application
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Requirements
    • Test Scope
  • Workload Profile
    • Overview
    • User Groups
    • Business Transaction
    • Transaction Volumes
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  • Test Execution Lifecycle
  • Testing Environment
  • Test Analysis
    • Test Results
      • Key Performance Metrics
      • Response Time Summary Tables
      • Transaction Duration Time Summary Tables
      • System Health Charts: Application Server
      • System Health Charts: Rendering Server
      • System Health Charts: Database Server
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Sizing Your Project – For Free

RTTS can analyze your project quickly and provide you with an estimate that outlines the business case, technical architecture, tasks, timelines and help you plan for it accordingly. This service is provided to you by RTTS — FREE! See more ⇒