QA Project Management

Let RTTS experts plan and manage the day-to-day implementation of your testing effort.

QA Project Management

Your Challenge

Your software and architecture are ready to be tested, but you aren’t sure whether you have an expert to lead the charge. Who will point you in the right direction and who will run the day-to-day implementation of your testing effort?

Our Solution

RTTS, the Software Quality Experts, excels at managing testing efforts. Our management team, together with an on-site Team Lead, will strategically plan your effort and manage the day-to-day implementation of your testing effort. Having successfully managed testing efforts at both Fortune 500 and midsize firms, we will get you going quickly and manage the effort effectively.

What's Involved?

  • Understanding expectations of the customer and aligning the project
  • Identifying and evaluating human resources available for the project
  • Building an effective team
  • Monitoring scope, resources, time-to-market, and budget
  • Managing risks
  • Reporting status and outstanding issues on a regular basis
  • Providing technical expertise in testing and test automation
  • Delivering a quality product within the constraints and resources provided 

How Will It Help My Project?

RTTS’ Team Leads deliver success through software quality know-how, controlled implementation, and effective management of budgetary resources.