DevOps, DevTest & Continuous Delivery

Deliver applications faster and with better quality

Dev Ops

You want to transform your software delivery process by dramatically increasing the speed and quality of your development & delivery process. DevOps, the process of breaking down barriers between your development, QA and operations teams, can provide you with an automated approach to continuous delivery & continuous integration.

Utilizing a successful DevOps approach will lead to:

  • faster time to market
  • fewer issues in new releases
  • less lag time between fixes

The keys to a successful DevOps adaption are (1) assess your current processes, (2) improve your processes for continuous delivery, and (3) automate the processes.


DevTest, the integration between the development and testing groups, provides for continuous testing, which means fast and continuous feedback.

RTTS, the software quality experts, approaches the implementation of the DevTest segment of DevOps in a 4-phase strategy (see Phases below).

Phase I

  • DevOps Process Assessment provides an expert evaluation of your current application lifecycle practices as they relate to software quality and a recommendation on how to improve your process and provide continuous delivery. more>>

Phase II

  • Automated testing focuses on your core business processes and complex applications. The tests verify that your applications work as expected, and can scale to the expected workload.
  • Smoke test
  • Full regression
  • Component test
  • Performance tests

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Phase III

  • Automated kickoff of tests from:
  • Data Integration/ETL solution
  • Automated Build solution
  • Test Management solution
  • Running of tests unattended
  • Automated reporting

Phase IV

  • Automated building of application virtualization environments

RTTS can help you improve your processes and help you work towards a successful continuous delivery strategy utilizing DevTest and continuous delivery & continuous integration.

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