Big Data Testing

A comprehensive planning & consulting solution for automated testing of your Big Data

Big Data Testing

Big Data Testing

Big Data is growing at a rapid pace and with Big Data comes bad data. Many companies are using Business Intelligence to make strategic decisions in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage in a tough business landscape. But bad data will cause them to make decisions that will cost their firms millions of dollars.

According to analyst firm Gartner, the average organization loses $14 million annually through poor Data Quality, with 22% estimated their annual losses resulting from bad data at $20 million and 4% put that figure as high as an astounding $100 million. Yet according to the Experian Data Quality report, 99% of organizations have a data quality strategy in place. This is disturbing in that these Data Quality practices are not finding the bad data that exists in their Big Data.

Big Data Testing Challenges

Typical testing around traditional data warehouses or databases revolve around structured data and using SQL to accomplish the testing. Big Data testing is completely different. 

Below are some challenges of testing Big Data:

  • The volume of data can be overwhelming
  • Big Data testing is very complicated and requires experienced and highly skilled testers
  • Testing of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data is complex
  • Hadoop testing typically relies on HQL, relegating the 2 data testing main methods, Sampling (also known as​“stare and compare”) and Minus Queries, unusable
  • Testing is complicated when dealing with security systems like Kerberos
  • Testing infrastructure requires a special test environment due to large data size and files (HDFS)​

The Solution:

Expert Big Data Testers + Free Usage Of QuerySurge = Success

RTTS’ Services Group can provide you with comprehensive planning and implementation solutions for testing your Data architecture. 

RTTS’ Skilled Big Data Testers

  • Highly skilled in Hadoop and NoSQL architecture, SQL & HQL programming, and QuerySurge usage
  • All have computer science degrees and are full-time W‑2 employees of RTTS (no contractors)
  • Have expertise implementing testing tools on complex architectures in many verticals

RTTS’ QuerySurge, the smart AI-driven data testing solution, was built specifically to automate the testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Migrations, and Business Intelligence Reports. QuerySurge will ensure that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target datastore by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly. And it’s free with our Data Testing Solution.

QuerySurge will help you:

  • Leverage AI to quickly & easily increase test coverage
  • Continuously detect data issues in the delivery pipeline
  • Utilize analytics to optimize your critical data
  • Improve your data quality at speed
  • Provide a huge ROI

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To learn more about QuerySurge, visit the QuerySurge web site