Enterprise App / ERP Testing

RTTS provides an automated testing solution for validating data feeds into your enterprise apps

Enterprise App / ERP Testing


Your organization has a major system that is central to running its business

  • maybe it’s an ERP system running SAP, Oracle, Lawson, or maybe…
  • a CRM system running Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, or…
  • it’s a banking or trading system at a bank or other financial institution, or…
  • an HR system running payroll through PeopleSoft or Workday

Whatever the system is, it is constantly sending or receiving data feeds to or from a customer system, vendor system, or another internal system.

Enterprise Application

RTTS provides a thorough validation and testing strategy to test your Enterprise Application or ERP data feeds quickly.

Expert Data Testers + Free Usage Of QuerySurge = Success

Expert BI Testers + Free Usage Of QuerySurge = Success!
  • Our highly skilled Data Test Engineers will provide you with planning and implementation solutions for testing your Enterprise Application.
  • RTTS’ QuerySurge, the smart Data Testing solution, will help us to automate the validation & testing of your Enterprise App quickly.

And QuerySurge is free with our Data Testing Solution!

We offer both on-site testing and testing-in-the-Cloud (from our New York offices) for the following Use Cases:


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For more information on QuerySurge, the smart data testing solution, visit the QuerySurge web site here ⇒