RTTS provides software QA and quality engineering solutions to the Healthcare Industry that speeds up application delivery processes and improves the customer experience​


The Changing Direction of the Healthcare Industry​

The Healthcare sector saw a dramatic increase in patient interaction and remote engagements, brought on by COVID-19. A move to the cloud, a greater need for test data creation, the ability to change direction quickly through Agile processes and DevOps and increasing test automation.

According to the World Quality Report:

Increased patient interaction has meant that, in addition to time-to-market pressures, customer experience has become a more important quality assurance (QA) driver in healthcare. Patients especially want to know that their data is secure.​

Organizations must maintain robust standards during their transition to cloud platforms. They also need to invest in the generation and maintenance of synthetic test data, which is both a major challenge and a continually changing need.

Some of the latest trends and issues in the Healthcare industry include:

  • Data Privacy​
  • Deployment of cloud computing
  • Adoption of AI
  • Infrastructure modernization​
  • Deployment of Agile processes and DevOps 

About RTTS

RTTS, founded in 1996 and based in New York, is the premier pure-play QA and testing organization that specializes in quality engineering.

Testing Services

We excel in multiple paths of testing across various journeys in the Healthcare industry, including:

  • Test Data preparation
  • Test Planning/Strategy​
  • Data Validation/ ETL testing
  • Integration testing​
  • User Experience (UX) testing 
  • Mobile & Web testing
  • Performance Engineering / Performance and Load testing
  • Accessibility testing​
  • API testing​
  • Application security testing


  • We’re an innovative QA/testing organization that specializes in quality engineering practices since 1996. It’s all we do.
  • Our QA Managers are experts in the fields of QA & test automation, strategic planning and project management.
  • Our Test Engineers all have programming expertise and test automation skills. 
  • All resources are full-time, W‑2 employees of RTTS with computer science degrees and dedicated to their craft.
  • We’re experts at test automation and utilize cutting edge solutions, including generative AI, to clarify requirements, speed up test case creation, improve automation and accelerate timelines.