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What’s New with ​the Test Automation Experts?​

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What’s New with​the Test Automation Experts?

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Complimentary QA Project Sizing

A service to help you evaluate the scope of your software testing project

Our Project Sizing & Cost Estimation service will analyze your project quickly and provides you with a report that details the business case, technical architecture, tasks, timelines, and resources. We will deliver to you a report that determines the resources and time needed to complete the scope of work so you can plan accordingly. We help to eliminate the guesswork so you can embark on your project with confidence.

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RTTS & API Testing

Target the business logic, reliability, scalability and security of the interfaces used by your web and mobile applications

RTTS’ automated API testing service will reduce the number of scenarios necessary for front-end validation and catch issues before appearing in the front-end app or any consumer-created integrations. Improve your user’s experience and safeguard your apps.

We provide:

  • API — Functional Testing, Load Testing, Security Testing

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Are you looking to improve your Data Quality?

RTTS’ Expert Data Testers
+ Use of QuerySurge (no cost)
= Success!

We integrate our services expertise with the industry-leading data validation & ETL testing software to meet your specific business and technology needs. All RTTS Test Engineers are Certified ETL Testers and QuerySurge Certified Practitioners and bring to the project their own license of QuerySurge – at no cost to the customer.

We support the following use cases:

  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Big Data (Hadoop & NoSQL) Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Report Testing
  • Enterprise Application/ERP Testing
  • DevOps for Data CI/CD pipeline integration

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