September 2021 Newsletter

What’s New with the Experts in QA & Testing?

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What’s New with the Experts in QA & Testing?

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Data Validation Assessment

RTTS’ Data Validation Assessment service provides an expert evaluation of your data testing as it relates to industry best practices and recommendations on how to improve your process and provide an optimal data testing solution.

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RTTS Training Courses In-the-Cloud

Keep learning new skills from anywhere!

Our courses provide you with the utmost interactive training experience over the internet. The training classes are composed of a combination of presentation, software demonstrations, and practical hands-on exercises. You will be taught live by the same RTTS instructors that teach our onsite classes — instructors with extensive knowledge of the testing tools who can answer your questions.

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Are you experiencing data quality problems?

RTTS’ Expert Data Testers
+ free usage of QuerySurge

= Success!

We support the following use cases:

  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Report Testing
  • Enterprise Application/ERP Testing

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