Custom Utilities by RTTS

Custom-built add-ons, plug-ins, and tools implemented by our experts.

RTTS Custom Utilities

Who Needs This?
Web Services Testing
with QTP
Web Services Testing
with RFT
XML Testing Utilities
for QTP
XML Testing Utilities
for RFT
RQM Custom Reporting
TestPartner Utilities
Import into RQM
Keyword Engines
WSDL binding, SOAP request-response, XML data handling
Any customer implementing a
Web Services-based SOA architecture
WDSL binding, SOAP request- response, XML data handling
Any customer implementing a
Web Services-based SOA architecture
XML data handling with XML DOM
Any customer packaging data as XML
XML data handling with XML DOM
Any industry packaging data as XML
Custom reporting utility for
Rational Quality Manager
Any customer needing
custom reports for Quality Management
Large file compares
for bulk data testing
Any customer requiring bulk data comparison via files- such as database extracts, feed files, etc.
Java-based tool for volume data testing.
Any customer having data warehouse
ETL problems and failures.
Utilities for array handling, clipboard access, ftp, database queries, IE DOM access, and OS access
Generally used for TestPartner implementations
Import test plans, test cases, and test scripts from Excel to RQM. Can be customized on request.
Any customer interested in moving from Excel-based test management to RQM
A SaaS solution in the cloud offering full traceability, collaboration, and a centralized, integrated data store.
Software development teams looking
for a cheap and easy way to create and manage the development process.
Used for Quick Test Pro, Rational Functional Tester, and TestPartner
Any customer requiring a
keyword search function

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