Case Study

Automated Functional Testing Provides Reliability And Enhances Time-To-Market


RTTS’ client is a leading global securities and investment banking firm providing a full spectrum of products to institutional and corporate clients, intermediaries, governments and hedge funds worldwide. This global financial services giant operates in over 50 countries and from all major international financial centers.


The application under test is a mission-critical, client/server securities trading system used internally by employees worldwide. The application communicates with several other internal systems, external customer applications, links to real-time stock market applications and market data feeds. The major challenge of this project is the aggressive production schedule with an average of two releases every month.

RTTS was tasked with the goals:

  • Automate the existing manual test cases,
  • Decrease the amount of time to conduct testing and
  • Escalate testing coverage for each production release.


Using WinRunner, a functional testing tool from Mercury Interactive (now HP), RTTS created an automated suite of test scripts that provide a base for repeatable and improvable testing. Changes can easily be made to the test scripts for each release.

To increase coverage per testing cycle, RTTS automated over 6,700 test cases, containing in excess of 306,000 data validations. By automating many of the simple and tedious test cases, the client’s manual test team was able to focus its efforts on more complex scenarios.


RTTS’ sophisticated automated test suite saved the client 117 days of manual effort per testing cycle. With hundreds of thousands of data validations automated and executed unattended, the project could maintain its ambitious pace, while increasing the quality of the product delivered to the users.

Due to the success realized through test automation, the client has contracted additional resources from RTTS to conduct testing on other vital applications. Combined, the number of data validations conducted by RTTS’ expert team exceeds the half-million mark.