Case Study

ETailer Utilizes RTTS' TestPack For Online Success


An online retailer needs to make sure their web site is available and performs well during seasonal increases in business.


The resources needed to run complex performance/load tests are not needed full-time. They are only needed during peak season for this online retailer.


Implement RTTS’ TestPack, the innovative solution for expert resources with bankable, use-them-as-you need-them consultant days and a predictable, blended cost structure. Resources are provided as they are needed to implement HP LoadRunner for performance tests.


The client schedules performance engineers on an as-needed basis to cover their testing for peak load situations as they ramp up for their busy seasons.

Performance Engineers Graph

RTTS engineers utilize LoadRunner, the market-leading performance/load tool from HP to verify that new and existing functionality can withstand the increased load that will come with the peak season.


  • The TestPack solution enables the firm to utilize highly skilled testing resources as they are needed without having to cover the costs of permanent resources. 
  • RTTS creates well-documented code for LoadRunner that makes it easy for different RTTS resources to modify and run the scripts. RTTS resources also pinpoint bottlenecks in the code and architecture, which are then tuned to allow for the maximum number of clients to have an excellent user experience on the web site. 
  • The client gets assurance that their web site can handle the uptick in volume while keeping technology costs in check.