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The Challenge:

Most companies and their C-level executives are using Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics to make strategic decisions in the hope of gaining a strategic advantage in a tough business landscape.

BI and Analytics software typically sit on top of data warehouses and data marts that are gathering data from other applications, databases, big data stores, web sites and other data sources. According to Gartner, the average company will lose, on average, $14.2 million annually due to bad data.

So, comprehensive testing of data at every point throughout the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process is becoming increasingly important as more data is being collected, analyzed and acted upon.

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The Biggest Issues With Data Warehouse Testing

1)   The #1 Method to compare data from sources and target data warehouse – Sampling, also known as “Stare and Compare” - is an attempt to verify data dumped into Excel spreadsheets by viewing or “eyeballing” the data. Less than 10% is usually verified and reporting is manual.

  • Comparison of the data is typically done by extracting data from source data stores and the target data warehouse using SQL Editors and then dumping results to Excel to “stare and compare” (also known as sampling), meaning verifying the data by viewing or “eyeballing” the results. This is a huge problem because 1 test query can return as much as 100 million rows with 200 columns, making it impossible to find data errors.
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2)   The #2 MethodMINUS queries – subtracts data sets from each other twice and you analyze leftover rows - is inefficient and produces no audit trail or reporting.

Data Warehouse Testing diagram

Both methods require SQL programming and very few testers, analysts or operations people know SQL.

Expert Big Data Testers + Free Usage of QuerySurge = Success

RTTS is the premier services firm in the data quality and testing field and boasts Team Leads and QA Engineers who have successfully implemented projects at 700+ companies since 1996.

RTTS’ Services Group can provide you with a comprehensive planning and implementation solution for testing your Data Warehouse. And RTTS’ QuerySurge, the smart Data Testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Migrations, and BI Reports, will ensure that the data extracted from sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly. And its free with our Big Data Testing Solution.

RTTS’ Skilled Data Testers

  • highly skilled in Data Warehouse / ETL testing, SQL programming, and QuerySurge usage
  • have Computer Science degrees and are full-time W-2 employees of RTTS (no contractors)
  • have gone through a rigorous and intensive 300-hour training program
  • have years of experience implementing QA processes and testing tools on complex architectures in many verticals

Our Team can provide you with any of the following services:

  • Full outsourcing of your ETL testing needs, including end-to-end planning and execution
  • Staff augmentation with RTTS experts to provide mentoring
  • Train your team in both the Big Data testing process and the QuerySurge tool to make sure you can test confidently

We offer both on-site testing and testing in the Cloud (from our New York offices).

RTTS’ Software: QuerySurge™

RTTS’ QuerySurge, the industry leader in the Big Data test tool space, is built specifically to automate the testing of Hadoop, MongoDB and other Big Data stores. And QuerySurge is FREE while we perform consulting – saving you thousands of dollars!

Here is what QuerySurge can do:

  • Automate the entire testing cycle - automate kickoff, tests, comparison, auto-emailed results
  • Test across different platforms – data warehouses, Hadoop, NoSQL data stores, mainframe, flat files, XML, JSON, BI reports
  • Verify more data & do it quickly - up to 100% of all data up to 1,000 x faster
  • Integrate for Continuous Integration & Delivery (DevOps) - integration with most Build, ETL. QA management, and issue tracking software
  • Provide Data Analytics & Insight - Data Analytics dashboard, Data Intelligence reports, shared tests & auto-emailed reports

To learn more about QuerySurge, visit the web site here>>


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