Test Automation for Mobile Applications

Using test automation, we can help ensure that your app functions as promised - no matter what.

Your Challenge

Your mobile application, whether native, browser-based, or hybrid, needs to function as promised across a variety of mobile carriers, operating systems, screen sizes, browsers, and more. Although mobile devices and technologies vary, app marketplace customer reviews are aggregated into one place, and can be seen by anyone. 

For this reason, the mobile application development team is realizing the importance of focusing on standardizing the user experience. With the pressure of tight deadlines and the need to cover a range of mobile technologies, the team is finding that traditional testing methods are no longer sufficient on their own to handle the challenges of mobile device fragmentation.

Our Solution

We will help you to test your mobile applications more efficiently across all of your supported technologies. We will establish the framework to test on a wide range of devices and browsers to ensure that you’re not sacrificing the user experience in any key areas.

With this framework, we can help you by setting up enhanced automated test suites that run across iOS and Android devices, including phones and tablets. We will also implement cross-browser scripting, so that a single script can run across all of your supported browsers and devices. Using real-time touch events within the automation, we can help you test the mobile experience from the user’s perspective.

Multi-Browser Mobile Testing using Selenium

RTTS’ mobile testing solution utilizes open-source Selenium to test the mobile website on the mobile web browser. We developed a proprietary testing framework to enable testing across multiple browsers against the native (official sdk) browser. This allows for better accuracy with no simulator-based errors.

How It Will Help Your Company

  • Achieve consistency across devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • Meet release deadlines with a mobile app testing framework that gives faster and more accurate results
  • Keep current customers satisfied and ensure positive reviews in the app marketplace
  • Save money by leveraging an open source solution
  • Gain expertise by learning from the RTTS team