Test Planning

We collaborate with your team to deliver an actionable plan for successful project implementation.

Your Challenge

You have critical software and architecture that needs to be tested, but you aren’t sure whether or not your approach is right.

You need an attack plan for making sure you test what is most important. The test planning effort is an important strategic phase that often gets overlooked but is the foundation to implementing a successful testing effort.

Our Solution

We offer a test planning service leveraging our best practices methodology and utilizing our experts in the field of quality engineering and quality assurance. Through interviews with your stakeholders and artifact evaluation, coupled with our experience and expertise, we will provide you with an actionable test plan that provides a road map for successful implementation of your testing effort.

Tasks in the test planning phase include:

  • Identifying and reviewing the project
  • Reviewing use cases and/or requirements
  • Developing a risk assessment plan
  • Determining test strategies for each test type selected
  • Determining which test tools and testing utilities will be needed
  • Establishing the scope of the project
  • Defining the test architecture requirements
  • Conducting a skills gap analysis
  • Developing a training plan to address needs
  • Developing a high-level project plan with estimates of testing resources, costs, and timeline

Typical Engagement Length:

5 days


A formal software test plan template for implementation that gives you an actionable guide on how to implement software quality.