On-Site Mentoring

We deliver tailored mentoring or tool guidance for automated functional and performance testing.

Why You Need It

RTTS is now offering fixed-price mentoring engagements for automated functional and performance testing. For a pre-set price, this is a great opportunity for your testing staff to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and expertise of our engineers.

What’s Involved?

  • An expert engineer will work at your site for a pre-set period, providing intensified training/mentoring to your team.
  • This expert will analyze test cases and scripts, and provide guidance and informative tips to assist internal testing teams.
  • A transfer of valuable skills will include planning, designing, and test automation best practices.
  • Our engineers have expertise in the leading software quality tools, including IBM Rational Software, Microsoft, MicroFocus, Open-Source, and more. 

How Will It Help My Business?

  • This level of interaction imparts focused, customized solutions to your problems.
  • Your company is afforded the opportunity to develop and utilize internal resources to achieve the benefits of automated testing.
  • You can leverage our experience to utilize the tools where they add the most return on investment (ROI) and to avoid potential pitfalls of automation.

The current pricing plan includes 5 days of mentoring for $7,500. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of single- or multiple-day engagements.