Training In The Cloud

Save money on travel without sacrificing quality by choosing our live online training option, offered for all courses.

Why You Need It

RTTS offers our in-depth training classes online. You now have the ability to attend RTTS’ hands-on courses without ever having to leave your computer. These courses provide you with the utmost interactive training experience over the internet. The training classes are composed of a combination of presentations, software demonstrations, and practical hands-on exercises. You will be taught live by the same RTTS instructors that teach our public classes — instructors with extensive knowledge of the testing tools who can answer your questions. 

Gain the technical skills that are necessary to succeed on your projects while enjoying the convenience and ease of training in the cloud.

What’s Involved?

  • Standard Classroom Format — The delivery of the class follows the same class schedule, duration, and break schedule as an in-person classroom setting.
  • Course Materials — Registered students receive electronic course books and exercise books made available during and after the scheduled class.
  • Solution Set — Working solutions will be provided for all assignments given during the course. Students can then compare their solutions to ones provided.

How Will It Help My Business?

  • Save Money on Travel and Expenses — You no longer need to travel throughout the country to attend training. The training classes come to you. 
  • No Software Needed — Virtual Lab environments are provided for each registered student. Vendor software and sample applications are provided for the duration of the class.
  • Live Expertise — Interact with a live instructor. You will have the ability to ask questions and have your exercises reviewed. All of our distance learning instructors are subject matter experts and have had success implementing the toolset that they are teaching.