Advanced Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio

Course Summary

This advanced course is designed for testing professionals already familiar with the fundamentals of Coded UI tests with Visual Studio. This course explores advanced techniques for the Coded UI tests. Testers will be asked to complete labs to reinforce critical concepts and tool functionality. The focus is on the practical application of the Visual Studio Coded UI tests to resolve common functional automated testing challenges.

Intended Audience

  • Testing professionals
  • Quality assurance practitioners
  • Managers
  • Team leaders

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Different ways to handling dynamic objects
  • Creating modularized scripts
  • Capturing dynamic data from the application
  • Utilizing external files
  • Establishing database connections
  • Workign with regular expressions
  • Handle synchronization errors

Review of Automated Functional Testing

  • Review of Test Creation and Assertions
  • UI Map Overview
  • Test Execution

Capturing Dynamic Data from Objects

  • Capturing Data From HTML Edit Boxes
  • Capturing Data From HTML Drop Down Menus
  • Capturing Data From HTMLTables
  • Capturing Data From Window Edit Boxes
  • Capturing Data From Window Drop Down Menus
  • Capturing Data From Window Tables
  • Capturing Data From Window Trees

Modularization of Test Structure

  • Coded UI Class Hierarchy
  • Analysis of Test Structure
  • Creating Multiple UI Maps

Regular Expressions

  • Regular Expression Operators
  • Using Regular Expressions for Data Capture
  • Greedy and Reluctant Closure

Dynamic Object Handling

  • Modify Mapped Objects
  • Using Dynamic Object Capturing Methods

File Input / Output

  • Working with the File Class
  • Reading data from files
  • Writing data from Files

Team Foundation Server API

  • Logging Options
  • Creating Work Items Dynamically through Tests

Database Connectivity

  • Connecting to Databases using ODBC Connection
  • Connecting to Databases using SQL Connection
  • Executing Queries
  • Parsing through Result Set

Managing Playback Settings

  • Synchronizing Coded UI Tests
  • Wait for Condition Controls

To benefit from this course, you should have:

  • Introductory level knowledge
  • Some software development experience (recommended)
  • Knowledge of C# programming language (recommended)

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