Micro Focus Testing

We are an Micro Focus Authorized Training Provider, offering core courses in Unified Functional Tester, LoadRunner, ALM/Quality Center, and more.

    Unified Functional Testing 12.0 Essentials

    Students learn to use Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.0 for automated functional testing. They will create new scripts with a record and playback session, then they will explore enhacements for adding intelligence / flexibility to a script. Students adopt principles followed by developers to design more sophisticated test scripts.

    Quality Center 12.0 Essentials

    This course provides the tools you need to implement and use Application Lifecycle Management 12.0. Students learn how to manage quality information throughout the development cycle, from constructing requirements, designing and executing tests, through monitoring defects.

    LoadRunner 11.5 Essentials

    This comprehensive 5-day course focuses on using LoadRunner to load test web applications. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge to load test your applications according to the given performance objectives.