Performance Testing for Mobile Applications

We offer mobile application load testing services to help you capture the complete end-user experience across multiple platforms.

Your Challenge

Consumers have high expectations about how mobile applications are going to perform, holding mobile application development teams accountable for delivering responsive, reliable, and well-designed applications. Adding to this challenge are the different devices proliferating the market space, providing mobile application development teams with an ever-changing cross-section of platforms to test. QA Teams looking to automate the load testing of mobile applications and mobile websites are looking for a clean solution, and are experiencing disappointment with the cost, out-of-the-box functionality, and implementation speed of new mobile performance testing tools.

Our Solution

We have the expertise to set up your mobile testing framework to capture the complete end-user experience from each mobile platform.

We will help you leverage some of the technology that’s already out there, whether it is open source or commercial tools, to give you the ability to create automated test scripts to handle mobile-based applications, network conditions, and load generation. We’ll even take care of the implementation for you, so your team can focus on the development process. Here are some of the mobile app performance testing services we offer:

Mobile Load Testing — Spoofing, Proxy recording, and Packet captures

There are a few ways that we can help you keep costs down during the mobile application development process utilizing your existing tool set or open source tools for load testing. Listen to our recent webinar or view our slide presentation for some tips regarding the implementation of these methods.

How It Will Help Your Company

  • Find and fix performance and scalability issues throughout the mobile application development process
  • Generate real-world load volume to test mobile applications
  • Gain accurate measurements for end-user experience under load
  • Earn great customer ratings for your mobile application