Advanced Data Warehouse Testing using SQL

Course Summary

This one day course of lectures and hands-on training is designed to provide students with advanced techniques necessary for testing data warehouses. The course covers advanced SQL transformations and the challenges these issues cause in testing a data warehouse.

Intended Audience

  • Data Quality Teams
  • Data Warehouse Analysts
  • Automation Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • anyone involved with providing software quality for data warehouses

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand data warehouse structures and architectures
  • implement a successful process for data warehouse testing
  • create and execute more sophisticated transformation tests
  • utilize regular expressions for data comparisons
  • create and utilize subqueries
  • work with derived tables and inlined views
  • take advantage of advanced techniques for data warehouse testing

Data Warehouse Overview

  • Understanding Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Understand the challenges of Data Warehouse Testing
  • Understanding ETL Mapping Documents
  • Overview of Transformation Types
  • Data Warehouse Testing Comparison Methods

Calculated Fields Transformation Test

  • Aggregate Functions with Group By statement
  • Compare Calculated Source fields with grouping to target field.

Derived Fields Transformation Test

  • Discuss the differences between calculated and derived fields
  • Implement variations of SubQueries (Nested, Scalar, Correlated, Non-Correlated, Inline)
  • Compare a target field from a derived field from the source data.

Field Length Limits Transformation Test

  • Discuss DATA_LENGTH field from the ALL_TABS_COLUMN table.
  • Calculate maximum size of Field Mergers
  • Calculate maximum size of Field Splits
  • Validate maximum size of source data split into separate fields into the target database

Field Padding Transformation Test

  • String Padding Functions
  • SQL Regular Expression Functions
  • Verify erroneous source data has been padded correctly in target table

XML Transformation Test

  • Usage of the Extract function
  • Discuss relevance of XPATH
  • Database specific casting functions
  • Utilizing XMLSequence to form result set from XML content
  • Compare source tables to XML content in a target table

Transpose Transformation Test

  • Utilization of Self Joins
  • Compare transposed source data to a target table

Match and Merge Transformation Test

  • Utilization of Unions
  • Discuss differences between Union and Union ALL and how they are used for matching
  • Compare multiple source records that need to be matched and then merged into a target table.
  • Understanding of basic ETL testing processes
  • Basic SQL knowledge or have taken Introduction to Data Warehouse Testing using SQL

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