Introduction to Data Warehouse Testing using SQL

Course Summary

This one day course of lectures and hands-on training is designed to provide students with the foundation necessary for testing data warehouses. The course covers several common transformation tests and the SQL syntax required to retrieve the data in order to perform the test.

Intended Audience

  • Data Quality Teams
  • Data Warehouse Analysts
  • Automation Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • anyone involved with providing software quality for data warehouses

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand data warehouse structures and architectures
  • implement a successful process for data warehouse testing
  • create and execute the most common transformation tests.
  • use ETL mapping documents to structure your tests.
  • understand the basic challenges to overcome when performing data warehouse testing.

Data Warehouse Overview

  • Understanding Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Understanding the challenges of Data Warehouse Testing
  • Understanding ETL Mapping Documents
  • Overview of Transformation Types
  • Data Warehouse Testing Comparison Methods

One-to-One Mapping Transformation Test

  • SQL commands for returning data
  • Compare Source table to Target table

One-to-One Mapping with Filters Transformation Test

  • SQL commands for filtering data
  • Logical operators for data filtering
  • SQL commands for sorting data
  • Compare source table to a subset in target table

Join Mapping Transformation Test

  • SQL commands for joining data from different tables with matching records
  • Using an Alias
  • Compare records from a source in multiple target tables

Field Merging and Splitting Transformation Test

  • String concatenation
  • Utilization of SQL String functions
  • Compare multiple source columns to a single target column.

Type Casting with Formatting Transformation Test

  • Data Field Casting
  • String Type Conversion Functions
  • Date Math functions
  • Compare source columns to a target column where casting and formatting is required.

Translation and Lookup Transformation Test

  • Using Case statements
  • Utilizing Lookup tables
  • Decoding field values
  • Compare a source column where a transitioned target column

Statistical Tests

  • Aggregate Functions
  • Compare a target field that is comprised of an aggregation of a source field.

Understanding of basic software testing processes

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