IBM Rational Functional Tester Immersion Course

Course Summary

This 5-day class combines the Rational basic course with RTTS' advanced courses into an intensive session designed to accelerate your learning of this tool.

Testing professionals can become familiar with the basics of the IBM Rational Functional Tester tool in a Java environment in this introductory course . Build, enhance, and maintain scripts in a full-function Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that integrates with IBM Rational products. Receive hands-on instruction for building effective and resilient test scripts using Java code. Knowledge of Java programming is not a prerequisite for this course, but such knowledge is beneficial.

The Java module is designed to provide students with the foundation in Java necessary for RTTS' Advanced IBM Rational Functional Tester training module. This module is intended for users of Rational Functional Tester seeking to gain the Java skills necessary to customize test scripts.

The advanced module is designed for testing professionals already familiar with Java programming and the fundamentals of IBM Rational Functional Tester. The course explores advanced tool use through Java programming. In addition to class lecture, students will complete lab exercises to reinforce critical tool and language concepts, and gain hands-on experience guided by an expert instructor.

Intended Audience

  • New users of IBM Rational Functional Tester who need to test Java and Web applications. The course is designed primarily for testing professionals who will be using the automation tools.
  • Quality assurance practitioners, managers, or team leaders who are responsible for interacting with the testers or who need to ensure that the tools are being implemented fully and appropriately.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the function and purpose of Functional Tester
  • Navigate the Functional Tester interface
  • Record scripts with Functional Tester
  • Play back automated scripts
  • Modify scripts to add advanced features
  • Use test object maps
  • Control object recognition
  • Create data-driven tests
  • Explain key concepts related to Java technology and Java programming
  • Use decision constructs and loops
  • Create Java classes
  • Develop and use methods
  • Create and use single and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Use inheritance to extend classes
  • Handle runtime exceptions
  • Understand inheritance and polymorphism
  • Parse strings using String, StringBuffer and StringTokenizer
  • Parse strings using regular expressions
  • Extract data from objects
  • Find dynamic objects
  • Create dynamic verification points
  • Read and write to files
  • Submit SQL calls directly to databases
  • Handle non-Java windows and non-browser windows

To benefit from this course, you should have:

  • Some software development experience (recommended)
  • General understanding of Windows-based applications (desired)
  • Knowledge of Java programming is not a prerequisite for this course, but such knowledge is beneficial.

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